Living Without Public Electricity

Though it might sound kind of scary and like it’s a huge undertaking, living without public electricity can be done – and not only can it be done, but you’ll gain a sense of freedom from being disconnected.


You’ll also gain relief from the stress of having to constantly pay those high electric bills every summer and winter.

Living without public electricity should be first on your to-do list when you’re devising a way to get off the grid.

Creating your own power will be the biggest step that you’ll take. What a lot of people do when they’re coming off the grid is to search for a natural power supply.

You can easily power the needs of your home by harnessing the power of the wind or the sun. In fact, a lot of people already do this because they know that relying on natural resources cuts the high cost of electricity.

You can install solar panels in your home that can gather the energy from the sun. These panels will range in size as well as price. They’re powered directly by the sun’s rays.

When the rays shine on the solar panels, energy is gathered and then is able to be used through a conversion method. It’s simply protons turning into electrons. Using solar panels isn’t the only means of naturally getting off the grid to power the needs of your family.


You can also use the wind. People have been using wind energy dating back many centuries. When you use wind power, you’re also harnessing the power of the sun.

It’s the sun that powers the wind through the method of hot air pressure. If you’ve ever seen a windmill you’ve seen an example of wind energy. The more of a breeze that you have in your area, the better your home is suited for using wind energy. 

You use wind turbine generators to be able to naturally power your home. Even the smallest of winds can still generate electricity. The amount of wattage the wind turbine is capable of producing depends on the size of the turbine that you purchase.


Some of them can also be used to charge batteries. They can generate enough power to support the same kind of electricity usage that a home draws from being on the grid.

You can run electronics, ceiling or electric fans, charge cell phones and use lights in your home the same way that you could if you were paying a bill to the electric company. The larger your turbine is, the more power that it’s capable of powering.


What many people choose to do is use a combination of both solar and wind power to bring electricity to their home.

Solar and wind energy is a clean and inexpensive way to provide the electrical needs for your family.

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