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Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to the Next Level?

You recycle. You buy organic foods whenever possible and you try to combine your errands so you don’t use too much fuel. Maybe you carpool to work and occasionally buy and sell from consignment stores. Sustainability is on your radar. You want to be a responsible citizen that takes care of the planet and does what you can to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. When it comes to sustainability there is a balance. Most people want to do more to live an eco-friendly life, but they also want […]

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Living Without Public Electricity

Though it might sound kind of scary and like it’s a huge undertaking, living without public electricity can be done – and not only can it be done, but you’ll gain a sense of freedom from being disconnected.   You’ll also gain relief from the stress of having to constantly pay those high electric bills every summer and winter. Living without public electricity should be first on your to-do list when you’re devising a way to get off the grid. Creating your own power will be the […]

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What Do You Need To Live Off The Grid?

What Do You Need To Live Off The Grid? Deciding to live off the grid is indeed a wise decision. Yet, upon deciding to go for this method, you should be prepared of yourself as well as the things you will need in order to start the process. If you are planning to live off the grid, you will then need to consider your health freedom and food. It is important that you wisely select your locale. With the huge increase in farm raids, EPA regulations and […]

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